Hacked a face recognition technology company working with the FBI and law enforcement agencies


Company warned Clearview AI Facial recognition technologies, which contract with a number of law enforcement agencies that a hacker has stolen its entire customer list, according to a notification the company sent to its customers, and in the notification, which was reviewed by the site The Daily Beast , Company revealed Clearview AI Emerging to its clients that an intruder “obtained unauthorized access” to its client list, the number of user accounts created by customers, as well as the number of searches for its clients.

The notice said the company’s servers were not violated and that “there is no compromise of systems or network ClearviewThe company also confirmed that it had fixed the security vulnerability and that the intruder had not obtained a search history of any law enforcement agency.

And he said Tor Ekeland, Company attorneys in a statement submitted to the Daily Best website: “Security is the company’s priority. Unfortunately, data breaches are part of life in the 21st century, our servers have never been reached, we have corrected the vulnerability, and we continue to work to enhance our security.”

The company caught everyone’s attention when the New York Times published a story on the front page about its work with law enforcement agencies, and The Times reported that the company had stolen 3 billion photos from the Internet, including from Facebook, YouTube andVenmo, According to the newspaper, we are in violation of Facebook Terms of Service.

The company soon became a resource that caught the attention of hundreds of law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, according to this report, as The Times reported that law enforcement officials used company tools to identify children who were victims of sexual assault, and a Canadian official said Law enforcement officials told the newspaper that the company was “the greatest achievement in the past decade” in relation to investigations into those crimes.

The notification did not describe what happened as a hack, while David Forsy, managing director of the Aspen nonprofit Cybersecurity Group, explained that the violation is worrying. “If you are a law enforcement agency, this is a big problem, because you depend on Clearview As a service provider to have good safety, it seems like they don’t. “


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