Hacker reveals new details about the development of the largest battery for Tesla electric cars


Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, recently said that the company is rapidly approaching the ability to get Model S cars running 400 miles with a single charge, and Teslas hacker has now confirmed this technology. Jason Hughes shared on Twitter that the company is working on Configure a new battery pack with combinations of 108 cells and a package of ~ 450 V with approximately 109 kWh of usable energy.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, this technology is the largest battery to Tesla so far, and this technology will be strong enough to supply electric vehicles with more than 400 miles of range in one charge.

The new set was also achieved through software improvements and Tesla updates with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and news of a battery package of about 110 kWh was revealed by Hyson Hughes known as Tesla Piracy to find updates and new features.

“I spent some time reading some firmware for Tesla BMS,” Hughes wrote in a tweet. “Some variables have been modified to fit 108 groups of cells (about 450 volts a pack).”

Hughes explained, “There is a packID that begins determining the battery’s continuity to about 109 kWh usable (400+ miles).”

“A host of other disks indicates the new setup for configuring S / X / 3 packs at some point.”

This means that drivers will be able to somewhat come close to being able to drive the car all the way from New York City to the capital and then come back again, and this range would also boost the electric car’s position at the top of the series for the group when compared to competitors.


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