Hamdi Fathi reveals the date of his return to group exercises with Al-Ahly


07:44 PM

Sunday 09 February 2020

Books – Ramadan Hassan:

Al-Ahly midfielder Hamdi Fathi confirmed that he will go to Germany on the 25th of this month for a new medical examination through the doctor who performed the knee cartilage surgery.

Hamdi Fathi said, in statements on Al-Ahly channel today, Sunday: “I am going well in the qualification program and I will travel to Germany on the 25th of this month, to meet the German doctor the next day directly.”

He continued: “The German doctor informed me that I will attend the group exercises naturally at the end of next May.”

Regarding his attendance at the matches, he said: “Before I am a player in Al-Ahly, I am a fan and happy to attend Al-Ahly matches and to be among the players.”

He explained: “Al-Ahly is doing well in the league championship and we are focusing on this season so that it does not happen like last season.”

And Hamdi Fathi suffered a knee cartilage last November while he was in the Egypt national team camp, in preparation for the African Nations Qualifiers.


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