Hany Shaker: Hassan Shakoush has violated the principles of society and we are reconsidering his membership in the Syndicate


The Captain of Musicians, Hani Shaker, opened fire on the songs of the festivals, and their singers, especially after the Valentine’s Day ceremony held in the stadium, where the artist Hani Shaker, the captain of the musical professions, said in a press statement that it was within the framework of the societal controversy taking place on the Egyptian scene and the existence of a near agreement between all sects of society on the bad situation That has become a threat to art and public culture because of the so-called songs of festivals, which are a kind of music and visitor rhythms and suggestive words that entrench unethical customs and revelations in many of them. These festivals have produced what are called instinct listeners, and the festival performer has become the legitimate father of this decline For technical and moral, it has lured the deterioration of the situation of some movie stars in the effective contribution and strong in this degrading.

The captain of the musical professions explained that the conditions for membership or permits for the union to sing are not only based on the validity of the voice, but also there are general conditions that must be met by the applicant for membership or permission, which is adherence to the higher values ​​of society and ethical custom and the choice of words that do not incite a vice or bad habits and that the Voting Test Committee Just a preliminary stage, then the council meets to consider the remaining conditions.

Artist Hani Shaker confirmed that he did not accept what happened recently from verbal abuse in a ceremony held at the Cairo Stadium by one of these Hassan Shakush and transgressing words that violate the norm and infringe on the established principles of the Egyptian society, and that he and the union council will reconsider all permits for singing or membership of the union in the light of Standards and values ​​accepted by society.

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