Have mercy on King Abdullah … anger in Saudi Arabia after raising fuel prices


There was discontent and complaint on social media in Saudi Arabia, following Aramcos decision to raise fuel prices and review them monthly.

The Saudi oil company Aramco has announced raising the prices of 91 and 95 gasoline starting from Sunday, with the price of the first type being 1.55 riyals and the second value of 2.11 riyals per liter.

The company added that starting from the current month, the period of periodic review of gasoline prices will be monthly instead of quarterly.

Moghradoun expressed their disappointment with the new and unjustified decision, recalling the prices of gasoline during the reign of the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The tweets compared prices in the era of King Abdullah and the current era, and denounced Aramcos gradual policy of raising prices and its decision to review it monthly.

Activists reviewed how Aramco raised prices under the cover of “correction” since December 2015, when gasoline prices were 91 at a value of 0:45 and gasoline 95 a value of 0:60 riyals.

The singers were surprised at the policy of raising prices for gasoline in Saudi Arabia at a time when several countries deliberately reduce prices, although they are not oil and do not have an economy with the strength of the Kingdom’s economy.

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