“He refused to star in an international movie, and his girlfriend committed suicide, and no one walked in his funeral.” .. What you do not know about the artist Zaki Rustom on the anniversary of his death


The summary

Today marks the 48th anniversary of the death of the great artist Zaki Rostom, who is considered one of the most important giants of Egyptian cinema, as he was known for his strong personality and seriousness in performing his artistic roles, which left a great imprint in the world of acting and the hearts of the masses.

Film critics considered Zaki Rustom a one of the most talented artists in the Middle East and the world, for his complete mastery in all of his roles, as he embodied the roles of (the villain and the good and the fighting father and the pasha and the aristocratic figure, the fatwa, and even the thief), to describe him as the greatest actor in the history of Egyptian cinema.


The late artist was famous for a number of elias that were not forgotten and loved by Zaki Rustom and art.

Among the most prominent of these mouthpieces: “Spirit, my dear Sheikh, is building your house”, and “One minute, Yanwal, determines the destiny of nations.”

World movie

And media outlets say that the American company “Colombia Pictures” offered Zaki Rustom a world movie star, because they liked his acting and performance, in addition to his proficiency in the English language.

But the late artist vehemently rejected the film, as it carried several messages hostile to Arab peoples.

His artistic life

By chance, Zaki Rustom met the late great artist Abd al-Warth Asir, who admired his talent and included an amateur theater group.

After the death of his father, Zaki Rustum rebelled against the traditions of the family, where he decided to join the George Abyad division in 1924, after which he moved to the Ramses division with Ahmed Allam, before working in the national division that was headed by Khalil Mutran and remained in it for 10 years.

Rustem participated in 45 plays, including “The Confession Chair”, “Majnoun Laila”, “Al-Watan”, “Cleopatras Death”, “Under the Sky of Spain” and “Satanism and Orphan”.

His first cinematic business was in 1930, when director Mohamed Karim chose him to star in the silent movie “Zeinab”, in front of Bahija Hafez and Youssef Wahbi production. He also chose him to participate in the first films of Mohamed Abdel Wahab, “The White Rose” in 1933.

The number of Zaki’s films reached 240, but only 55 of them are known to be in the Film Library.

In addition to his sinister roles, he has been known for a number of distinctive roles in which he was characterized by the tenderness of the heart, such as his role in the movie “Yasmine” 1950, the poor employee who loves his children in “Me and Girls”, and the blind father in “Woman on the Road”.


In his personal life, the artist Zaki Rustom was subjected to many shocks in his personal life, as his girlfriend committed suicide for fear that her family would refuse to marry him because as they described him as “my characters”, he decided to close the marriage page of his life permanently and spent his entire life single.

In his final years, the artist also suffered from poor hearing, before he decided to retire from acting in 1968, and moved away from the cinema after gradually losing his sense of hearing.

His birthday and death

Muhammad Zaki Muharram Mahmoud Rustom was born on the fifth of March 1903, in the Helmia district of Cairo, to a high-ranking aristocratic family, and his father and grandfather were from the Pashas of Egypt.

Zaki Rustom grew up in a palace owned by his grandfather, Major General Mahmoud Pasha Rustom, one of the prominent Egyptian army men. His father, Mahmoud Bey Rustom, was a prominent agricultural landowner, members of the National Party and a personal friend of Mustafa Kamel.

The great artist died on the 15th of February 1972, when he suffered from a severe heart attack, after which he was transferred to Dar Al-Shifa Hospital until his death without anyone feeling it and he did not walk at his funeral.


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