He revealed the mystery of finding the body of a director of an airline company in the first gathering


Under the supervision of Major General Ashraf El-Gendy, the Director of Security, Cairo Investigation men managed to uncover the circumstances surrounding the finding of the director’s body. a company Airlines Killed Inside an apartment in the first assembly area.

Major General Nabil Selim, Director of the Capital Investigation Department, received a notification from Colonel Samir Magdy, Inspector of the Investigations of the New Cairo Sector, that a notification was sent to Major Tamer Abdel Shafy, Chief of Investigations of the Police Department of the First Settlement, to find the body of “Director of one of the airlines” By his disappearance Several days ago – in an apartment in the first gathering, he suffered several stab wounds and theft of the contents inside the apartment.

The perpetrator of the incident (a former agricultural worker in the gardens surrounding the vicinity of the victim’s residence, residing in Beni Suef) was found and seized, who admitted his previous association with the victim by a friendship and previous relationship with him, and committed the murder with the intention of stealing it, after he beat him using a white weapon “knife” You get it from inside the apartment’s kitchen, and you immediately killed it, cleaned the knife used in the incident and put it back inside the kitchen, And his seizure On loot, And to seek help Five other people to take the stolen items out of the apartment without realizing the fact.

They were seized and one of them possessed the vehicle used to transport the stolen goods, and they denied their knowledge of the fact of the incident. All the stolen goods seized were seized at the residence of the accused, and legal measures were taken before the incident.

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