He spin in Al-Ahly … exciting statements by Mortada Mansour hours before the Egyptian Super


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club, made several comments on the last night before the Egyptian Super match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, which will be held today, Thursday, in the Emirates.

Murtada Mansour praised Al-Ahly club and its great value in his talk of rejecting intolerance before the summit match that brings the two teams tonight in Abu Dhabi to the Super Cup.

In comments to the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, Mortada Mansour said: “Frankly, Al-Ahly is the greatest club, but Zamalek is also a great club.”

He criticized the President of Zamalek, the Emirati channel for broadcasting clips of Egyptian films about Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and said: “A scene with mockery of Zamalek and other inappropriate scenes was shown.”

He added: “What was shown on the screen contains an insult to the Zamalek club, and this is contrary to what Yaqoub Al-Saadi is granting a major love card to Egypt to the point of almost crying me, Al-Ahly has distinguished players, and he has a good coach, and Zamalek also has a very respectable coach who succeeded in obtaining On a championship days ago. ”

He added: “The Zamalek tournaments matched the titles of Al-Ahly in recent years, since 2014 until now we have won 10 tournaments, while Al-Ahly won 11 titles, most of them were under Mahmoud Taher.

Also confirmed Mortada Mansour, he will punish the wrong club against Al-Ahly with a difficult account even if it belongs to the White Castle.

In his speech, Murtada Mansour said: “I refuse bullying among the masses. The lightness of blood here may lead to strife in the end.”

The Zamalek chief added: “The players outside the green rectangle are all friends, and I ask the fans not to feel the tension and intolerance and treat the meeting as a match and it will end.”

In response to a question about the abuses that came out of some of the players against Al-Ahly, Murtada Mansour said: “We will punish the wrongdoer and he will be charged with a difficult account.”

He added: “Egypt is a target country, and those who failed to create sectarian strife are now trying to create sedition by falling between the fans of Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

Mortada Mansour revealed that the upcoming Al-Ahly and Zamalek match will not be held in the league on February 24th, stressing that the decision is in the interest of the two teams because they are linked to a match in the African Champions League.

He said: “Muhammad Fadl says that the league match will take place on time, and I would like to tell him that the match will not take place.”

Members of the Egyptian Football Association Committee affirmed that the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match was held on time in the postponed confrontation from the fourth week of the Premier League.

Mortada Mansour added: “Al-Ahly has an important match against Sun Downs, and Zamalek is waiting for Esperance, who is seeking revenge after his defeat in the African Super Cup, Mohamed Fadl does not realize that Al-Ahly and Zamalek will play a confrontation on February 20 in Abu Dhabi, so how will a match be held on 24 before the African matches? “.

Murtada Mansour ended his speech by saying: “The delay will be taken to protect our children from Al-Ahly and Zamalek players, or Zamalek and Al-Ahly, and it should not take the merit of the matter stubbornly.”


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