He tried to sexually assault his sister, and his parents killed him by suffocation in Mahala .. Details of the accident


Al-Gomhoria region witnessed the death of a young man in the third decade of his life at the hands of his younger sister by suffocation by “Isharp” with the help of her parents, what immediately took his life, and the body was preserved and transferred to Al-Minshawi General Hospital for presentation to forensic medicine.

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The events of the incident date back to General Mahmoud Hamza, Director of Western Security, receiving a notification from Brigadier General Mohamed Salim, the second police station in Mahalla, stating that a 24-year-old police station in Mahalla had received a notification about the arrival of the young man, “A.M.P.”

The Director of Security ordered the formation of a criminal investigation team led by Major General Mohammed Omran, Director of Criminal Investigation and Brigadier General Ihab Atiya, head of the Directorate’s investigations to uncover the mystery of the incident, determine the causes of death, move to the scene, and hear eyewitness statements.

Security investigations conducted by Colonel Amr Al-Haw, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch at the Samanoud and Mahalla centers, reported that the young man was killed by his sister “MB”, 29 years old, with the help of her father, MB, 64, a former school principal with the pension and his wife, after an argument that led to tangles With their hands, they strangled their son with a scarf, and his death strangled him before he reached the reception and emergency department of Al-Mahalla General Hospital.

Investigations conducted by Major Ahmed Abdel Shafi, chief of investigations for a second police station in Mahalla, revealed that the young victim suffers from psychological disturbances and crises that led him to try to sexually abuse his sister while she was sleeping inside the family home, but she sought help from her family members.

The Criminal Investigation Department was charged with investigating the circumstances and circumstances of the incident, editing the necessary minutes, notifying the Public Prosecution of the investigation and ordering the three suspects to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations.

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