Health: There are no healthy cigarettes and carcinogenic diapers are sold on the market


The Ministry of Health denied reports of circulating varieties of healthy cigarettes on the market, stressing that it is not correct to circulate varieties of healthy cigarettes on the market, stressing that cigarettes circulated in the market contain harmful tobacco products, and carcinogenic chemicals, including “nicotine”, warning citizens of Being driven by any of these claims.

She explained in the report of monitoring the rumors of the Media Center of the Council of Ministers that the Egyptian state seeks to combat smoking and addiction, out of the need to pay attention to the health of Egyptians, as the Ministry of Health managed to publish smoking cessation clinics in a large number of hospitals in the sea and tribal areas to help smokers to quit this dangerous habit Which destroys health, causes catastrophic diseases that start with asthma and fungal infections and end up with cancer and then death, and have launched special addiction treatment centers, in an unconventional way to enhance health care for Egyptians and fight tobacco cancer.

It also denied the news of the spread of children’s necessities with carcinogenic “diapers” in the markets, confirming that there is no truth to the prevalence of children’s necessities that contain carcinogens or any other harmful substances, explaining that all the children’s supplies on the market are completely safe and fit for human use, and conform to all organized standards Global health, and it is subject to oversight by the competent authorities in the Ministry, in the context of the State’s keenness on the health and safety of all children.

In this context, the Ministry is strictly monitoring the local markets, conducting periodic inspection campaigns on distribution companies, pharmacies, warehouses and private clinics to control the markets, and ensuring that the health supplies related to children are safe and conform to standard specifications, and are suitable for human use and do not contain any unauthorized or harmful material Children’s health.


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