Heavy rain and wind activity .. Weather forecasts weather period of fluctuations


11:59 am

Sunday 16 February 2020

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting of the Meteorological Authority, said that from today Sunday until next Wednesday, most parts of the weather experience a state of weather fluctuation, starting with the relative wind activity in most areas, which increases the sense of cold.

Shaheen added to Masrawy today, Sunday, there are chances of rain today on areas of the northern coast that are more abundant, while the intensity of the rains on the governorates of Lower Egypt, Cairo and North Sinai is light to medium, not affecting national activities.

He continued: “There is a decrease in temperatures on most parts and we are still in the winter weather, where temperatures reach Cairo and Lower Egypt 18-10, the northern coasts 18-10, South Sinai 25-13, north and south Upper Egypt, temperatures range between 22 Until 25 and from 9 to 12 at night.

He advised the Director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasts, to continue wearing winter clothes during this period, and not to be deceived in the weather during the daytime, when the sun is brighter, but the intense cold returns at the beginning of the night period.

He pointed out that the water dirt will be less dense during the coming days, as yesterday Saturday it appeared intensively as a result of stability in the weather conditions, which is the increase in humidity and calm wind speeds.

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