Heavy rain sympathizes with Australia and extinguishes raging forest fires


Source: MELBOURNE – Reuters

The Australian authorities issued evacuation orders after heavy rains on Sydney and the east coast of New South Wales today, Monday, causing chaos in Australias largest city, while some forest fires have been extinguished since November.

The meteorological office said that rain ranges between 200 and 400 millimeters, which rained on Sydney to Blue Mountains and to the south of that region at the weekend, which led to the flooding of rivers and forcing more than 60 schools to close their doors on Monday.

The office warned that torrential rains could lead to floods that threaten people’s lives on the southern coast of New South Wales and also said that storms of more than 90 kilometers per hour may occur.

The New South Wales state firefighting authority said Sunday evening that the state’s fiercest wildfires on the state’s southern coast have finally been extinguished, thanks to the rains. This fire continued for 74 days, destroyed 312 houses and burned about 1.2 million acres of land.

And 33 burning fires are still burning as of Monday morning in the state, all of which are located in the southeastern regions which are expected to witness rain.

The farmers welcomed the rains, but said they did not penetrate the depths of the earth enough to end the three-year drought.

This drought contributed to the season of horrific fires that killed 33 people and an estimated one billion animals, destroyed more than 2,500 homes and burned more than 28 million acres of land since September.

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