Her family refused to marry her to a young man .. Details of a suicide girl in Beni Suef


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On Saturday, a high school student committed suicide by consuming a toxic substance consisting of unknown tablets, which are being identified, as a result of a psychological crisis, after her family rejected her engagement to someone, and she was transferred to the central hospital morgue at the Public Prosecution’s disposal.

Major General Zakaria Saleh, Assistant Minister of the Interior, Director of Beni Suef Security, received a notification from the Commissioner of Al-Fashn Police Center, that he received a signal from the central hospital, to receive the body of a student called “Isra.” M. C », 16 years old, resident of the village of Telet of the Central Department, claiming to take unknown tablets.

Initial investigations revealed that the deceased suffered from a bad psychological state and depression, after her family refused to propose marriage to her, from one of the persons who presented her. As it turned out from the transition and examination and asked her mother and called «princess. M. A »39 year-old, resident of the village of Tilt, decided that her daughter was suffering from depression and a bad psychological state, and she took unknown tablets, with the intention of committing suicide, because her family refused to marry her to someone, and she did not accuse anyone. The Criminal Investigation Department was charged with investigating the incident, and report No. 703 of the Al-Fashn Police Station was released, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigation.

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