Hilal Hilal, my star, pictures


The stadiums of the Al-Jawhara Blue Stadium witnessed strong chants from the Sudanese fans who came to attend a match Al-Ahly Al-Hilal is due to start at nine oclock in the sixth round of the second group competitions in the African Champions League.

The fans, who attended the stadiums of the Blue Jewel stadium, chanted to Al Hilal players for motivation before confronting the red genie: Hilal Hilal, O Star.

The organizing committee of the match announced that the 65,000 tickets for the match had been depleted and 500 seats were allocated for Al-Ahly fans, amid security arrangements for the Red Castle Mission.

Al-Ahly leads the second group in the African Champions League with 10 points, followed by each of the coastal star and the Sudanese Hilal, each with 9 points, and finally Platinum with one point, and Al-Ahly has two chances to qualify, the first of which is victory so that the red genie book the qualification of the group or tie, and wait for the result of the coastal star and platinum.

On the other hand, there is no alternative to Al-Hilal other than winning, to resolve its qualification regardless of the outcome of the other meeting, but in the event of a tie, the blue team will need to lose the star against Platinum in order to climb, where he then surpassed a point difference over the Tunisian team, which is more like a miracle in light of Platinum’s deficiency From achieving any victory in his previous five matches in the group.

The same applies to Al-Ahly in the event of losing to Al-Hilal, where he will wait for the star’s loss against Platinum, to beat the Tunisian team by one point.


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