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12:36 PM | Wednesday 19 February 2020

Because of Ramadan Sobhi .. Mido wins the bet with Hossam Ghaly (video)

Hossam Ghaly and Ahmed Hossam Mido

Ahmed Hosam wonMido“The former Zamalek player and coach, his testimony before Hosam Ghali, the former captain and player of Al-Ahly, and director of football at El Gouna Club.

Mido and Ghali entered a wager because of Ramadan Sobhi The Al-Ahly player, where the former Zamalek player confirmed, that the Al-Ahly team loaned from Huddersfield will not be present in the Egyptian Super match.

3 days ago, Mido announced that Ramadan Sobhi was out of the list of 18, and his travel to the UAE was just a maneuver by Swiss coach Rene Weiler.

Yesterday, Ahmed Hossam “Mido” defied Hossam Ghaly during their appearance on the “Classico Arab” program on the first Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.

Is Galli doing abdominal exercises in the studio?

“Mido” maintained that Ramadan Sobhi will be outside Al-Ahly in the face of Zamalek, while “Ghali” said that he will be on the team’s list, so that the duo enter a bet that the loser will do a 10-belly exercise in the studio.

And fans of Al-Ahly and Zamalek are awaiting the appearance of “Mido” and “Ghali” tonight on the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, and will the former Al-Ahly captain perform the abdominal exercises after losing the bet against the former Zamalek striker.

It is noteworthy that Rene Weiler, Swiss coach of Al-Ahly team, announced that Ramadan Sobhi was not in the summit match list tomorrow, in front of Zamalek in the Egyptian Super, which starts at 7 pm Cairo time in the seventeenth edition of the championship.


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