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03:46 PM Tuesday 04 February 2020

Because of the Balalam phenomenon, Ahmed Eid mocks the President of Zamalek

Ahmed Eid Abdel-Malek, former player of Zamalek

Ahmed Eid Abdul-Malik mocked the player Zamalek Previously, from the conflicting dates in the threatening messages that the president of the white club claimed to have reached on his mobile phone, during the press conference held today to talk about the white team’s participation in the African Super Cup in front of Esperance, which is scheduled for November 14th.

Abdul-Malik wrote through his personal account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “Hill 9 and July 10, once in a lifetime, the phenomenon of the cosmic palalam.”

The messages published by the President of Zamalek at the press conference held today at the White Club headquarters, to talk about the participation of the first football team in the club for the African Super Cup against the Tunisian Esperance, caused a state of controversy because it appeared on two different dates for the same day, which is on Tuesday.

The President of Zamalek stressed during his press conference inside the White Castle that he had received death threats if he traveled to Qatar to compete in the African Super, but that the team will participate in the decision of the majority of the Council despite his personal reservations about going to the meeting in Qatar.

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