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03:41 PM | Monday 03 February 2020

Especially ... Jarrido reveals the truth about his approaching Pyramids training

Spaniard Juan Carlos Garrido, coach of the coastal star

Spaniard Juan Carlos revealed JaredoThe fact that he left The coastal star Tunisian, and his approach to the Pyramids team training.

“Jarredo” denied in exclusive statements to “Al Watan Sport”, what was discussed about his approach to assuming technical responsibility for the Pyramids team, during the coming period.

The Spanish coach said: “There are no negotiations with Pyramids officials, continuing with the coastal star naturally.”

Jarredo led the Tunisian coastal star team to the quarter-finals of the CAF Champions League.

The coastal star qualified under the leadership of the Spaniard, leading the second group, after winning 12 points, from 4 wins, while Al-Ahly came second with 11 points.

The coastal star is scheduled to meet one of the teams (Zamalek – Moroccan Raja – Moroccan Wydad) in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, pending the draw that will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, in Cairo.


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