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09:04 PM | Friday 28 February 2020

Urgent ... a new punishment threatening the President of Zamalek (document)

President of Zamalek Club

Counselor Syed Bendari revealed the head of a committee Discipline In the Football Association, the possibility of a new penalty from the committee was imposed on the president of Zamalek, in the events of the summit match against Al-Ahly, which was postponed from the fourth week of the Egyptian Premier League competition, which was specified on Monday, and the Zamalek team left behind.

In statements to Al-Watan Sport, Bandari said that in the event that the officials of the quinquennial committee headed by Amr Al-Janaini provide a memorandum regarding the statements of the President of Zamalek and his attack on the quinquennial committee after the decisions issued by the Competitions Committee regarding the last summit match, the committee will consider that complaint and impose a penalty on it according to what It is stipulated in the bylaw.

He continued: “The committee will hold its session next Monday, to discuss complaints submitted to the committee recently.”

Counselor Syed Hassan Bandari will chair the Discipline Committee in the 2019-2020 season, after being chosen by the officials of the current Five-Year Committee headed by Amr Al-Janayni.

The Football Association adopts the victory of Al-Ahly at the summit … and Zamalek lose 6 points by withdrawing

The Egyptian Football Association decided to adopt the decisions taken by the Competitions Department regarding the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match postponed from the fourth week of the Premier League competition, which was specified last Monday, and Zamalek’s team left them, considering Al-Ahly a winner of the match 2-0, with a discount of 3 other points from the balance Zamalek at the end of the season, and the team itself is re-arranged within the final schedule of the competition, in addition to signing a fine of 200,000 pounds to the Zamalek Club, to be paid to the Federation treasury within a month of its date.

The Competitions Department had considered the Zamalek team to withdraw from the match based on the referee and match observer reports, and pursuant to the provisions of Articles 46 and 47 of the Competitions Regulations and Item 30, paragraph 2 of the conditions and system of the competition.


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