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09:36 PM | Sunday 23 February 2020

Urgent .. Al Ahly boycotting the Football Association and lying about Abu Dhabi footage


Club board issued Al-Ahly, A decision to boycott the quinquennial committee headed by Amr Al-Janayni, after the decisions of the Discipline and Ethics Committee on the events of the Egyptian Super.

Al-Ahly maintains the policies and performance of the temporary committee that manages the Football Association, which has not always adhered to applying regulations and laws to everyone, and not cooperating with it until the end of its period of responsibility, especially after the contradictory decisions taken by this committee in the past period, in which it sided with some at the expense of the other, This reflects not being at the same distance from everyone.

According to the penalties, the Football Association announced through its official website that it was based on the cameras of the carrier for the events of the match, and the CD presented by the Executive Director of the Federation and received from the Abu Dhabi Media Authority, the list of the task of televised transmission of the match to survey the violators and verify the facts, which Muhammad confirmed Fadl member of the Provisional Committee of the Football Association preferred in his official statements to the media.

And that is before the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, which has the rights to transfer the game, denied that it provided the Egyptian Football Association or any official thereof with any film material related to the events that occurred after the match.

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