How big is the largest turtle in history? photo


It was found through ancient remains that “the largest turtle ever existed” weighed more than a ton, and had a thick eight-foot shell that might have been used to fight other turtles 10 million years ago, and paleontologists from the University of Zurich are studying remains of the type that have been found Newly called it Stypendemys geographicus, they say it was the “largest turtle of all time”, and was roaming in a swamp-like environment in what is now Colombia.

Old turtle
Old turtle

The researchers say that the turtles contained a shield, which could have been used in battles to the death with male opponents for food.

The turtle used to live in South America in a region of huge alien creatures, including mighty rats and crocodiles, and the bulk of its remains were found in the “Animal Cemetery” known as La Venta in the Tatacua Desert in Colombia.

It can weigh more than a ton and extend its shell to less than 8 feet, nearly twice the size of the Amazon River turtle.

Turtle 3

The results, published in the Science Advances magazine, greatly expanded the range of Stupendemys known to more than what is now known in South America, as they indicate that it was one of the only giant species in modern northern regions, and was first identified in 1976 from the remains discovered in Venezuela.

Professor Cadena, a paleontologist at the University of Rosario in Bogota, said that the knowledge of these giant reptiles was interrupted due to a lack of complete specimens, and to reveal more information about the prehistoric life of turtles, his team performed detailed anatomical analyzes on specimens from 1994 to today.


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