How much did China collect donations to tackle the new Corona virus?


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Official media in China announced that a donation campaign raised a “astronomical” sum to confront the new Corona virus, in a phenomenon that reflects broad social solidarity within the country, according to the “Sky News Arabia” website.

The Chinese newspaper, People’s Daily, quoting from the China Charity Association, said the total donations amounted to 10.1 billion yuan, or nearly a billion and a half dollars, until the early hours of Friday morning local time.

China needs this money to build hospitals, complete quarantine procedures and conduct research seeking to prepare an anti-virus vaccine.

In the latest census of corona victims, the Central Television of China, citing the National Health Commission, said the number of deaths in the virus rose by 46 people, on Friday, to 259 in total.

The country recorded 2,102 new cases Friday, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to 11,791.

The Health Committee in the province of Hubei, the epicenter of the spread of the virus, announced the registration of 45 deaths and 1347 new cases, on Friday.

Wuhan, capital of Hubei, reported 576 cases on Friday, as well as 33 deaths.

192 people died of the virus inside Wuhan.

The region’s streets are still closed, and public transportation has stopped, but a small number of residents continue to breach procedures in an attempt to meet their basic needs.

The World Health Organization declared a health emergency on Thursday because of the virus, which has caused global panic and has spread to a number of countries.

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