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TikTok, that Chinese social network of music videos, which has turned people around since it was launched in September 2016 by its founder Zhang Yiming, where it relied on artificial intelligence to help speed up the video editing process, has 3 main areas to keep in mind To it when publishing it:

• The things that contribute to the spread.
• The review process.
• Featured content.

How influential are you?

The most important part of posting on TikTok is your account ranking in terms of reach, in other words, how influential are you? Where your account classification is directly related to your ideas.

What contributes to the spread of your account?

New accounts: Every post you create contributes to getting more scores and raises your account level.

Multiple accounts: TikTok allows creating multiple accounts, but multiple accounts for one phone will indicate that it is a trading account, as is the case in many platforms, and you will deselect your priorities unless you are an advertiser, so log in to one account from one phone.
The first five videos you post: TikTok wants you to create types of videos that are in portrait mode, so if you are creating meme videos in the first five copies, the app will essentially consider this a meme account, so the first five videos are crucial, You will need to have a plan and focus.

Tik Tok
Tik Tok

Video size: TikTok does not want to be experimental, so videos that differ or do not have a specific default application feature will not be good for spreading.

Views: If your videos get 100 views or less then you will get a dead account, so delete it and start again, as videos that get between 1000 to 3000 shows mean you have a mid-level account, and videos that get more than 10,000 Watch means that you have a master account.

Watching to the end: The viewer to the end of the video is one of the most important factors, so you should watch your video from start to end to calculate this metric. The main things that help with this are:
Short Videos: Videos can be up to 60 seconds in length, but the platform advises advertisers 9-15 seconds.
• Replay Video: If the video is watched over and over again, its completion percentage will be more than 100% and will increase the overall video performance rating,

A common practice is to create videos that trick viewers into watching multiple times, for example, the videos that we watch and do not know where it ends and it basically repeats itself.

• Matching work with music: always to satisfy viewers.

The review and FYP process

Now that you know all the ways you can improve your account spread, and have a plan for the type of account you want plus a plan for the first 5 videos, here’s what happens next, including how to get a five-year plan for you:

• Spread-based automatic distribution: Depending on your score your video will move to a geo-local network of about 300 to 500 viewers, at which point there are no real tests on your content.

• Integrity-based AI review and data collection: Shortly after a video is watched by a few hundred people, it is scanned one by one by AI for inappropriate content, copyright issues, etc., and then given an integrity rating or Include it in the blocked list or in the list of duplicate videos.

Account spread delay: This is one of the biggest differences between TikTok and other platforms, where you have a second chance to enter your FYP, as account delay is the reason why you should carefully consider deleting old content, regardless of how Quality or Poor Performance Before, TikTok hides the history of posting content on FYP, and it will test out the old content and restart a cycle that looks like this: a small set of content for about two hours then a medium set as artificial intelligence researches the basic metrics that fuel the spread rating and ultimately A large group includes rating your integrity.

• Human review: The human reviewer will see the video with these results and decide if it is possibly a superior video, and the copyright and “bad” content that might have been mistaken for artificial intelligence in the second step will also be checked, and to upgrade to FYP should The content fits into the idea of ​​TikTok.

Make the content better

• Choose a format: Since the full screen format of the video is the key in the platform you need to work on this format, this will increase your account spread and also help in gaining followers because they will set their expectations for the type of content you create.

Format copies: TikTok encourages many forms of shared posting such as feedback, collaboration / remix and imitation, and this has led to the creation of formats, trends, and memes throughout the platform, and instead of being seen as tearing other creators, audiences enjoy the trends and become a source Inspiration to create their own version, as TikTokers like Charli D’amelio create informal choreography for pop songs, and these dance moves can be copied, and the following dances like Thriller, Single Single or Gangam Style will also be created by someone who may not have any connection or Real ownership of the original song.

Moderation of the content

From a product perspective, content design usually includes only three subject shapes:

• Research: goal oriented.
Browsing: Be aimless and not sure what he wants or looks at anything good.
Context: Find anything within interest.

These systems exist in one way or another in almost every part of the software that we use, so when review-based systems are a priority in the product, algorithmic feeds or exploration options, the possibility that users live in a content bubble on a large scale is inherent in the design, we know that If platforms can influence your consumption of content, then they can influence public opinions.

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