Huawei launches a new version of its foldable phone



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Huawei foldable phone – Archive

The Chinese company “Huawei” has unveiled its foldable smartphone with a higher and more advanced display, in the hope of convincing consumers to purchase the new product.

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“The price is 2499 euros, or 2709 dollars, and it will be sold around the world as of next March,” Sales Director Richard Yu said at the new phone launch ceremony.

The new product comes a year after the Chinese technology giant launched the first foldable phone, which has an eight-inch screen size after the opening.

The device was put up for sale only in China last November, and the company immediately embarked on developing the design.

The new (Mate XS) phone has the same display size, but Huawei says, “The screen has become stronger and equipped with a better movement mechanism that makes the device more durable.”

And the new device will lack the Android operating system with an official copy of Google after the United States practically banned its companies from providing Huawei with that software last year.

Source: Reuters

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