Huge preparations for Amal Maher, Majid El Mohandes and Tamer Ashour on the occasion of Valentine’s Day .. Pictures


Cairo Show Theater is inside Cairo Mall Festival City in New Cairo is a state of anticipation and non-preparations Unprecedented For the biggest Valentine’s concerts that Amal Maher, Majid Al Mohandes and Tamer Ashour participate in reviving, this evening, February 14th.

The event was overshadowed by a state of secrecy of the ideas and form of organization throughout the past few days, some of which appeared during the final rehearsals of sound and lighting that were held yesterday evening, as the way the audience was received in the theater square and its passage on the roads leading to the seat gates similar to the reception of international art festivals, In addition to the use of techniques and visual and sound effects for the first time, it makes all the “cables” on Valentine’s Day from the audience feel during the distance that he travels to reach his seat as if it is part of a “promo teaser” in which the most beautiful songs of each singer of the concert overlap “Amal Maher, Majed Al Mohandes and Tamer Ashour “With audio and video, this aims to add an aspect of enjoyment and entertainment that increases the longing for everyone to come to the stars of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day concert in “Cairo Show” by Amal Maher, Majed Al-Mohandes and Tamer Ashour, organized by Zaki Hassanain and Muhammad Zaki, “Punch Mark”, which contributed to organizing the largest concerts of the Riyadh and Jeddah season, sponsored by the General Authority of Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to organizing the Lebanese Star Party Nancy Ajram in the British capital, London.

And it is implemented by the Valentine’s Day concert in “Cairo Show” from Egypt, Ehab Zidan, who has great experience in directing the concerts of the major stars of the Arab world, under the supervision of Zaki Hassanein and Mohamed Zaki, designing the theater and the “production” and the structure of the theater building from outside for Tamer Fawzy and the lighting and screen terraces for Hamed Arafa and the sound devices of Imad Nabil, who are successful elements and directing the largest concerts in LIVE in Egypt and the Arab world.

During the final rehearsal, Mohamed Zaki and Zaki Hassanein were present, as well as a number of “Bench Mark” staff, in addition to a number of members of the party makers, including Tamer Fawzi, Hamed Arafa, Imad Nabil, Ayman Napoleon, Tamer Ashour business director and director Othman Abu Laban.

On the other hand, the organizing company announced the entry into force of the concert tickets and was keen to provide aviation offers and accommodations for fans of the Valentine’s Day party from Saudi families. Flight and residence offers in Cairo to facilitate the attendance of the Saudi public and fans of this constellation of artists to Egypt, which is an entertainment tourism exchange between the two countries.

The CEO of the company, Mohamed Zaki Hassanein, stated, “Today, we in the private sector are actively seeking to present works that demonstrate and demonstrate the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of entertainment, as it is if it is leading in all other sectors.”

He added: “The 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia has jumped our companies and made them distinct brands in the world and it is time to show the world that the existing capabilities and the Saudi cadres can compete in many sectors, and the empowerment that we are seeing today would not have seen the light without the support of the General Entertainment Authority, the main umbrella of the operating companies In the sector that raised the level of our companies. ”

It is worth noting that “Bunch Mark” company is one of the most powerful companies in the field of organizing parties and events in Saudi Arabia, and today it seeks to expand externally, to become one of the first Saudi companies organizing parties abroad, as this experience has been preceded by the company’s previous experience in organizing a joint ceremony for London in The British city of London was revived by actress Nancy Ajram. Today, Mark Punch is the only one to organize the night she called Valentine’s Night.


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