Hussein Al Jasmi rescues singer Ahlam from an embarrassing situation in front of thousands … Video


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Emirati artist Hussain Al Jasmi, his fellow singer Ahlam, has been saved from an embarrassing situation in front of thousands.

And he showed a video clip, broadcast by “ET Arabic” program via His account On Instagram, the embarrassing situation that the artist Ahlam was subjected to, after she almost slipped on the stage.

This position came during the opening of the Fujairah International Arts Festival held in a country UAE United Arab Emirates.

It appears in the artist section Dreams Hussein Al Jasmi held her hand, after they participated in the opera “From Dirt to the Cloud” with the participation of the veteran Saudi artist, Mohamed Abdo.

But Artist AhlamShe almost slipped on the stage in front of thousands, had it not been for Hussein Al Jasmi that saved her from this embarrassing situation.

The third edition of the Fujairah International Arts Festival will be held from February 20 to 28.

The festival includes, for eight continuous days, a series of artistic, theatrical, musical, and performance performances coming from different continents of the world, in addition to folklore from the Emirates.

The festival also hosts a large number of stars, actors, singers and performing arts, as more than 600 Arab and foreign stars are guests of the festival, from 60 Arab and foreign countries.


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