“I didn’t ask for a dime” .. The dismissed pilot responds to Mohamed Ramadan


10:31 PM

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Ashraf Abu Al Yassir, the pilot who had been separated due to the Muhammad Ramadan crisis, said that he did not ask for money from him, adding: “My request is dire from anyone, because my history and my situation were that I would finish after 3 years and a text in my honor. The day ended with my dismissal and my suspension from flying.”

The artist Muhammad Ramadan spoke about the crisis of pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, the captain of the private plane, in which he took a memorial photo that caused the pilot to stop working permanently.

Ramadan told Masrawy: “Captain Ashraf, I sold his lawyer to meet my account manager, and he was compensating him and satisfied him with a second need, which was 3 and a half years left to see the pension, and he said he needed 9.5 million pounds.”

But Abu Al-Yusr said: “As a man I was in the Air Force before that, I have my status and history, I cannot ask for any number, and I say add me, please, because I have been grieved.”

He added: “The artist Muhammad Ramadan, when he entered the cabin, was the empty side-chair of the presence of the co-pilot in the bathroom, and he sat on the chair and asked to take a memorial photo, and I told him this memorial image and not for publication, it is a seat but it does not mean that he is the one who drives the plane.”

Abu Al-Yuser explained that the artist Muhammad Ramadan did not communicate with him until now personally, but he made a friend telling him to submit his autobiography to an airline, saying: “I offer, after all this life, I have 62 years, and I have more than 40 years of history in aviation. “.

Al-Tayyar called on the Ministry of Aviation to review the punishment that was imposed on me, and to investigate it again.

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