I got dubbed the site of the light of the Resurrection of Othman 9 .. The series of the founder Othman, episode 9, the story of love in Arabic via the frequency of the El Fadjr TV channel, the carrier


Founder Osman Episode 9, Today it is displayed The ninth episode of the series, the founder, Othman al-Ghazi bin ArtgrelThrough the Turkish ATV channel, the official channel transmitting the series since the beginning of the first episode, in the Turkish language, at exactly eight oclock in the evening, Egypt time, and the ninth evening in Turkish time, as this episode awaits millions of fans and lovers of the series in all parts of the world, for what it holds Very strong events, particularly after Othman al-Ghazi managed to escape from Sofia and her men, after helping the men of his tribe.

Founder Othman series, episode 9, the love story

Resurrection Osman series Among the historical Turkish series that managed to achieve great success in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and a large number of other Arab countries, especially as the story of the series revolves around the establishment of the Ottoman Empire and the building of an Islamic state for the first time, along with the conflicts and problems that faced Ertugrul the Great and Othman daughter during the establishment of this state, and is divided The struggles are divided into two parts, the first internal section, they are haters Ali Othman, who want to obtain power, specifically his uncle, who is trying to take revenge on him, the second external section, the Romans, Tatars, and the Crusaders, alongside Sofia and her men, who managed to restrict Othman in the last episode and torture In a scene with him the sympathy of millions on social networking sites.

You can find here: – The series of the resurrection of Osman, the ninth episode on the Turkish TV channel exclusively.

Resurrection Osman Ghazi 9

Al-Noor Resurrection Osman 9 Arabic translator

The series “The Resurrection of Othman” was able to achieve very high revenue for the producing company, because the series is very popular, especially since everyone wants to explore historical facts, and know how an Islamic state was built, as the series is originally a continuation of the Artegral Resurrection series that was shown for a while Five consecutive seasons, and achieved a very great success, but with the death of Ertugrul in the last episodes of the series, Osman daughter appeared to complete the rise of the state, and eliminate the crosses and Tatars, and we are waiting for the follow-up of the ninth episode with you.

The frequency of the Algerian Al-Fajr channel 2020

And now we present to you the frequency of the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, which broadcasts the series of the founder Othman the next day, Thursday, at exactly eight oclock in the evening Egypt time, and the ninth evening in Saudi Arabia, in order to watch the episode translated by the fans and fans of the series in the Arab countries.

Correction coefficientFrequencyThe satellite
5/6 vertical10922Nile sat
5/6 vertical12130Yah Sat

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