I have not retired from art .. I regret the spread of bullying with art


Source: Arabic.Net – Mohamed Ahmed

Many rumors spread about the artist Shwikar’s deteriorating health and her recent retirement from art.

In her interview with Al Arabiya.net, Shweikar talked about the reality of her health crisis, whether she has already given up art or not, and how she spends her time in recent years.

She also revealed her opinion on art now and what was reported about her artistic return.


* There were reports that you were in poor health in the recent period, so what is the matter?

** A while ago, I actually went through a health crisis where I had pelvic problems that affected the movement, dealt with the problem and traveled, and now I am in a much better health condition and am improving with time.

Thank God, I practice my normal life and there is no truth to what was reported about my transfer of intensive care and the like.

* There were great reactions due to the news of your deteriorating health, so what happened to you?

** Although I hate rumors and do not like the artist’s life to become subject to gossip, but as soon as people know that my health is in a critical situation I was surprised by a very great love that is greater than any love I found in my life, and I felt very happy with the reactions, whether from people or the press or Colleagues from art stars.

This behavior made me feel that the love of people is invaluable, and that is why despite my isolation, I decided to go out to tell people to be reassured that I was fine.

Shwekar and Fouad Al-Muhandis
Shwekar and Fouad Al-Muhandis

* What about your decision to retire, is it still going on?

** I did not retire one day, and if I decided to stay away for a while due to circumstances, this is not a retirement, and I do not like this word at all, and I feel it is heavy for any artist. I am a person who loves her art and cannot retire. On the contrary, I will return to acting once my health condition improves completely, and I can stand in front of the camera. At the same time, I find a good and appropriate role that motivates me to return and present a specific message through it.

* What is the message that you intend to present in the event of your return?

** I hope to present something about the value of the family, family bonding, principles and compassion. I have said these actions strongly, and I say that most of the society’s problems are caused by a lack of love and the display of violence, hatred and conflicts on the screen.


Shwekar and Fouad Al-Muhandis
Shwekar and Fouad Al-Muhandis

* With many young stars dominating the screen, would you accept to participate in their work, even if only in a small role?

** I have no problem with acting with all these stars, I consider them all my children. The topic is not a story of size and space, but the idea that the role be small is subject to many calculations, the most important of which is that the role is effective and provides value, however the area also concerns me because I will not appear in a way that does not fit with my history, and that the presence and the space fit my history.

* It was reported that you were angry at the director Khaled Youssef because of the movie “Speak to Me Thank You”, in which he did not show you well, is this true?

** No, of course, it is totally unreal. I did not say that I was angry with Khaled Youssef or hate my role in the movie “Speak to Me Thank You.” These are all strange rumors that some say that I retired because of this movie, and all this is nonsense that has no meaning or validity.

* Why was there no actress after you, especially in the new generation, that resembles you in terms of femininity and softness in the performance that distinguished you to the point that Fouad Al-Muhandes called you “biscuit”?

** I do not know and I cannot thank myself, and you can ask people. Perhaps I have distinguished from others and perhaps every era has ears as it is said, but thank God that I at least did not resemble anyone.

But overall in my opinion every actress has special features and a special look, perhaps the time when it appeared and the quality of the works were different, and put me in another area.

Shwecar's painting
Shwecar’s painting

* Who are the most prominent actresses of the new generation that you see really distinct and praise for their performance?

** There are wonderful actresses and artists in the full sense of the word, and I consider them to be queens in cinema such as Hind Sabri, Mona Zaki and Menna Shalaby. I like their intelligence and excellence in their work and the method of choosing roles and personalities, and they are highly talented, diligent and responsible, and I have managed to achieve stardom in serious and cinematic and dramatic works that concern people.

* And who are the most important actresses in drama from your point of view today?

** With regard to drama or cinema, the artist Yosra is an exceptional talent in all Arab art, and she is a sophisticated, talented, creative, and intelligent artist, and she is perhaps the most capable of distinguished across more than one era.

Also in the drama, I must mention the actress Sawsan Badr, who is the princess of Arab drama in my view, and I am a big fan of her artistic performance.

* The most important movie stars have experienced men in the past, so who are the male stars in the cinema that you see with a special footprint?

** I like a lot of young stars and I consider them owners of art schools and moved the cinema, perhaps to a better area than the days of time, and I like Ahmed Helmy, Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Al-Saqa and Ahmed Ezz.

* How do you see art now and has it changed from the past time?

** Art today is good on many levels, but it disturbs me by delivering toxic messages to people through art, such as bullying and loss of standards of respect, spreading greed and greed among people through dramatic and cinematic works, and showing the material as if everything is what happened, for example, in the series “The Flood” that killed The boys are their mother to get the money. This is what I see as an unacceptable change in art, and I hope it will change.

* How do you spend time while away from art?

** I follow, like everyone else, television screens from my home, so I watch some series, movies, and newscasts, as I prefer to be most of the time at home and my family, relatives and close friends visit me.


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