“I imagine as if you are in Europe” .. hashtag highlights the beauty of Egyptian cities


05:01 PM

Sunday 16 February 2020

I wrote- Lamia Yousry:

A number of the pioneers of the social networking site “Facebook” launched a hashtag titled: “Imagine like you are in Europe”, with the aim of highlighting the beauty of Egyptian tourist sites and streets.

The hashtag caught a great deal on social media, and many shared photos of them in Egypt comparable to the streets of Europe.

Shady Mohamed Safwat Adman, a group “travel experiance”, who launched the hashtag idea, in a publication, said that it is an initiative that has a goal, “We like to have a goal, and he encourages tourism in Egypt and knows us and we and any foreigner on the group are places that do not live.” .

As for Moataz Mohamed, one of the founders of the initiative, he clarifies that the idea came when one of their friends published a picture of him in the Suez region near the buildings of the Suez Canal Authority, which was established in the English style, and met with great interaction, hence the idea came.

He continued that he took advantage of this point with his colleagues to show Egypt’s landmarks and beautiful places, adding during his intervention on the “dmc evening” program on the dmc channel: “From here the hashtag spread greatly and unexpectedly.”

A large number of Egyptians participated in various parts of the republic, from north to south, and from east to west. In the album above, Masrawy shows you a number of the most prominent pictures in Egypt’s cities.

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