“If I say no, I will not disappoint the Sundowns fans.” … What did Musimani p


9:57 am

Thursday 13 February 2020

Books – Muhammad Hammam:

South African Sundowns coach Pitsu Musimani responded to his team’s ability to win the championships in which he participates during this season, whether local or continental.

Musimani said in comments via the South African newspaper “heraldlive”: “Win the Champions League next to the cup and league, to see if we can do it.”

He continued: “If I say, I will not disappoint the fans of Sundowns and they will tell me that I am not ambitious, and if I say yes, I will be arrogant and I will be under pressure from the masses if I fail.”

On reaching the Champions League competitions next season, he explained, “We must try to get a seat that is eligible to participate in the next edition.”

Sundowns is ranked third in the table with 35 points, ten full points behind leaders Cairns Chiefs, but “Brazilians” have two games in hand.

As for the cup level, the Sundowns managed to reach the second stage of the round of 16 after beating the Super Sport team last Saturday night.

On the continental level, the Sundowns managed to reach the eight rounds, leading its third group, where the South African champions did not receive any loss.

The Draw of Champions placed Sundowns again on Al-Ahly Road, where the first leg will take place in Cairo, with the return leg to be held in South Africa.

The Sundowns had faced Al-Ahly in the last version also, specifically in the last eight, where the South African champion achieved a historic victory at the expense of the Red Castle with five goals without a response before the Egyptian champion won a goal without a response in the second leg.


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