If it was a man there wouldn’t be anyone


The hashtag #Support_Manni_Farooq has issued a social networking site for short blogs Twitter after threatening to commit suicide through a live video with its personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”. Twitter pioneers inaugurated # Support_Mana_ Farouq The most prominent tweets came:

All support for Mona Farouk # Support_ Mona Farouk

We are all wrong, and our Lord is Forgiving, Merciful. # Support_muna_farouk

If it was a man who wouldn’t be interested, even though our Lord is wrong and forbidden. # Support_mina_faruq

All people are wrong, but the most important thing is not to repeat the mistake # Support_Mana_ Farouk

Mona Farouk said through the video, that after she was released from prison she could not live in a normal way, she was not able to go to the street and leave her house, but rather it came to her fear of sleeping and seeing nightmares during her sleep.

Mona Farouk apologized to the Egyptian people for the sex videos that were leaked to her, and asked to be allowed, saying: “Forgive me, I want to live in halal, and the door to halal is closed,” noting that art makers are afraid to help her, so that they are not attacked.

The Cairo Criminal Court ruled, last July, that Shima El Hajj and Mona Farouk were released on bail of 100 thousand pounds, accusing them of publishing a scandalous video.

It is mentioned that the most recent work of actress Mona Farouk was her participation in the series “Rahim” by Yasser Jalal, which was shown in the Ramadan season of 2018.

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