Imam of the contested mosque in London is surprising .. And surprising about his relationship with the Princess Diana incident


The imam of a London mosque was stabbed in the neck the day before yesterday
A young British man hates Islam, after the young man deceived him for a long time that he wanted to learn
Islam so that he can enter the mosque continuously without suspicion.

Indeed, the criminal swooped on the seventieth imam “Raafat Maglad”
During the noon prayer, his knife was crammed into his neck after he slit the rows of worshipers before anyone could
Banned inside the Central London Mosque in Regents Park.

Yesterday worshipers were surprised by Imam Raafat Maglad, who spent 30
A year old he raises the call to prayer 5 times a day with every prayer and has left the hospital and attended
The mosque to perform Friday prayers, and when reporters asked him, his position was heroic as he said he “felt sorry”
Toward the young man who attacked him, but he “forgives him because Islam commanded tolerance.”

Commenting on his attendance at Friday prayers, he added:
“I can never miss Friday prayers, it is an important day for us as Muslims, I feel like
I miss something expensive if I missed it, “according to the Metro newspaper.

It is worth noting that Sheikh Raafat Maglad was responsible for washing “Dodi Al Fayed” after his death in his car with Princess “Diana” in the famous accident in which the couple died, and Raafat took over the funeral rites at that time.

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A man stabs the imam of a mosque with a knife in his neck during the noon prayer in London.

The first video of the German who carried out the terrorist attack on Muslims in a hookah cafe

The worshipers had managed to control the criminal before he could
To escape
And hold it Until the police came and arrested him for attempted murder, worshipers say
They used to see the young man 3 months ago coming to the mosque for the Sheikh to teach him, but his behavior was
Suspicious and suspicious.

The mayor of London, “Sadiq Khan,” urged worshipers via loudspeakers
At the mosque, they must remain vigilant and reassure them that the police will maintain a regular presence at the site
To prevent any suspicious person from advancing.

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