Imprisonment of an employee for a month in Dakahlia, for real estate, for 4 days.


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A second prosecution, Al-Mansoura, decided to detain a real estate employee in Dakahlia, 4 days, pending investigations in the case of his arrest, in the act of corruption

The administrative control officers in Dakahlia arrested, on Tuesday, “EER”, “35 years old,” a legal member of the real estate month and residing in the Izbat Aqel district of the second department department in Mansoura, in flagrante delicto to receive a bribe of 500 thousand pounds from a private university in exchange for registration A land worth 6 million pounds.

Where information was received for the administrative control officers in Dakahlia that the accused negotiated to receive a bribe of one million pounds from one of the owners of a private university in Dakahlia to register a plot of land on which the “Mansoura Spain” factory was located and the university bought in exchange for facilitating the procedures for extracting its papers and registering it, to receive an amount of 500 thousand submitted before walking in Licensing procedures.

Administrative control officers were able to arrest the employee in flagrante delicto by receiving a sum of 500 thousand pounds as a bribe, and the incident was recorded in audio and video, and the report No. 1228 of 2020 was edited for a second section in Mansoura, and the Public Prosecution was sent to the investigation, which decided to imprison the accused for 4 days pending investigations, taking into account his renewal on time.

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