In 40 days … 392 million US dollars for the second part of the movie Bad Boys


Revenue reached the third part of the action and comedy series Bad Boys, Which brought up the new work under the name Bad Boys for Life , To 392 million and 685 thousand dollars, since its introduction on January 17 in theaters around the world, revenue was divided between 192 million and 251 thousand US dollars in the United States of America, and 200 million and 433 thousand US dollars in theaters around the world , And it got a rating of 7.2 on the site “imdb”.

The budget cost was the third part of a movie Bad Boys for Life, To 90 million USD, movie Bad Boys For Life Starring Martin Lawrence, will SmithVanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Badger, Alexander Ludwig, Joe Pantoliano, Paula Nunez, Sharon Pfeiffer, DJ Khaled, Charles Milton, Kate Del Castillo, Sydney Barbosa, Happy Anderson, Athena Akers, Emily Toolz.

It is the third part of a movie Bad Boys For Life About Marcus Burnett, who became a police inspector and Mike Laurie in the mid-life crisis, the duo meet again when they have the opportunity, as an Albanian mercenary, who previously killed his brother, offers a big reward if they do a specific mission.

It is mentioned that the first part of the movie was shown in 1995 and was telling about Miami investigators, Dade Mike Lauray (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) were protecting a large amount of heroin equal to 100 million dollars so that the shipment disappeared from the police station and after it was suspected of being an operation Internal theft, internal affairs gave them only 5 days to track the shipment and find out where it was before the drug department of the center was closed.


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