In an official statement, Pyramids: Al Ahly is our role model


Pyramids issued a statement regarding its decision not to broadcast Thursday’s match with Al-Ahly in the 16th round of the Egyptian Premier League, denying that the Red Club and its fans have entered the crisis.

Al-Waleed Club confirmed that Al-Ahly is its role model, and that the Pyramids administration only demands its legitimate rights, obtaining the club’s dues and protecting its rights, noting that the match is broadcasted to the ground for free on Egyptian TV.

Pyramids indicated that it will give Al-Ahly the right to broadcast the match between the two teams free of charge on Al-Ahly satellite channel, considering it a good and friendly gesture to Al-Ahly and its great fans.

The text of the statement came as follows:

The Pyramids Club confirms its total pride in Al-Ahly, its management and its great fans, and all Egyptian clubs, departments and fans, and stresses that Al-Ahly is a role model for us, and that its historical status is reserved and cannot be compromised one day, and no one can bid on it in any way, and the Pyramids administration makes clear that the dispute In the views between it and Presentation Sport, and that Al-Ahly and its fans have no relationship, from near or far, regarding the decision not to broadcast Thursday’s match,
On the contrary, in the event that the club does not reach a financial agreement with Presentation Company, Pyramids will dedicate the match for free to the Egyptian TV to broadcast the meeting on the ground, as well as direct it to the Al-Ahly club to broadcast it on the club’s channel, in a good and friendly gesture to Al-Ahly and its great fans.

As for what the company’s statement was exposed to inquiring about the passage of 16 weeks of the league in which the club did not claim its rights, the company’s management has deliberately neglected what we mentioned about our dealings in terms of our national responsibility towards Egyptian football and all of its fans and followers, and that we dealt in good faith with the company until completion Signing contracts, which the company did not reciprocate.

The club management stresses that it welcomes the completion of the contract with Presentation Sport, which still has an opportunity until the date of the Al-Ahly match, if the company has a serious desire to sign contracts and reach a satisfactory agreement for both sides, on sound contractual and negotiating grounds that takes into consideration the desire and evaluation of the club “the owner of the product” Who has the inherent right to determine the value and duration of the contract that he deems appropriate from his point of view to achieve his vision and future goals, and does not obligate us and only to the proposal submitted by the company, whether in the value that does not fit the club or the long-term contract with Presentation for a period of 4 years, otherwise we are deprived of our rights and access P Z material in exchange for an appropriate counterpart,
The club administration stresses the need to respect the great investment and the huge effort made by all members of the club’s administrative system in favor of Egyptian football, and it is illogical to impose offers on us that reduce the club’s respect and place it at a value less than it is supposed to place in it, and even less than most clubs participating in the league The Egyptian.

The club’s management stresses that it is not in the field to engage in quarrels with anyone, but that it is full of respect and comfort to all parties, including Presentation Company and its officials, and that it seeks nothing but to search for the club’s legitimate rights, and the Pyramids club management stresses that it will always work to remain supportive to football Egyptian foot, regardless of material matters.


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