In phosphorous uniforms and my car’s interior .. Interior: seizure “thief” covers Baloaa


02:09 PM

Friday 07 February 2020

Books – Mohamed El-Sawy:

The security forces at Cairo Security Directorate were able to arrest the perpetrators of the attempted theft of sewage hoods in Nasr City.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement today, Friday, that as part of the efforts of the Ministry of the Interior to reveal the circumstances of what was circulated on the social networking site “Facebook” about the leader of a car and accompanied by 5 people, they started to steal the covers of sewage sewage in the city police department department First victory at Cairo Security Directorate.

In its statement, the Ministry added: By conducting investigations and collecting information, the Department’s Investigation Unit was able to identify the perpetrators of the incident, who are (4 “identified persons”).

After codifying the procedures and preparing the necessary ambushes for them, it was possible to seize 3 of them, and one of them (with a phosphorous uniform “special for workers”), and against them, they confessed to committing the incident with the intention of selling it and achieving illegal profits.

Legal measures were taken, and efforts were intensified to arrest the fleeing accused.

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