In pictures, all Egyptian stars offer condolences to author Lenin Ramli


The condolence of the author Lenin Ramli was keen on the presence of all the stars, headed by the great artist Mohamed Sobhi, and it was established inside the Omar Makram Mosque in the center of the country and the signs of sadness appeared on the faces of all those present, and tears flowed from the eyes of all those present, and the artist Mohamed Sobhi when kissing the head of his late author’s son Tears flowed from his eye to leave him.

Pictures of the condolence of the author Lenin Ramli

Also, many artists and media people have been keen to be present from the first moments until they offer condolences, the most important of which is Osama Haikal, the Minister of Information, the President of the Performing Professions Academy and the President of the Academy of Arts Ashraf Zaki, the media Amr Al-Laithy, the artist Muhammad Mahmoud and the director Muhammad Fadel.

Likewise, the great writer Lenin Ramli passed away after a long struggle with the disease and his wife, the great writer Fatima Al-Maadoul, confirmed that he had been exposed to a health crisis a week ago.

The dead body of the late was only funeral through his family and was confined to the family, and it was confirmed that the late confirmed that he had a will before his departure, and his desire for this was respected and his funeral will be for the family only.

Also, was confirmed by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions and head of the Academy of Arts, that the funeral was restricted to the family only, and today we will provide you with many pictures of the stars who were keen to attend the funeral.


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