In pictures – Citizens at Mubarak’s funeral in front of the Al-Mosheer Mosque: “Farewell


12:00 PM

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Photography- Farid Kotb and Alaa Ahmed

A large group of citizens was keen to attend this morning to the Mosque of the Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, awaiting participation in the funeral ceremonies of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, this afternoon.

Participants carried pictures of Mubarak and Egyptian flags, and banners inscribed with some phrases such as “Farewell, my beloved of millions – goodbye, my boss.”

The official military funeral ceremonies begin after the noon prayer at the Al-Musheir Mosque, and the body is then buried in the second afternoon, in the family graves in Heliopolis.

It is noteworthy that Mubarak was born in the Menoufia Governorate, in the city of Kafr Moselha in 1928, and he assumed the presidency after the assassination of the late President Anwar Sadat in October 1981, and he ruled Egypt for 30 years.

President Mubarak suffered from health crises during the past years, and he performed several surgeries in a number of hospitals, the last of which was about a month ago, and his son Alaa announced that his condition was stable and well, but after his procedure he suffered health complications, which led to his being placed in the intensive care room.

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