In pictures – the last remains of “Mubarak” in Kafr al-Mussaylhah .. a demolished house


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Tuesday 25 February 2020

Menoufia – Mohamed El Mallah:

“Mubarak” was brought up here. This is how Amin Ata, a member of the village of Kafr al-Mussaylah, the birthplace of the late President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, began his speech, referring to a demolished house, from which a wall, ladder and wall are left. Then the ownership of the “house” was transferred to his maternal uncle, his mother’s brother.


The house of former President Mubarak

His prep school:


His prep school

On his education in the village, Mubarak obtained a middle school diploma at the Abdel Aziz Pasha Fahmy School, according to Mahmoud Metwalli, one of the townspeople.

His visit to his village:

He added: “Mubarak visited the village according to what its elders and elders stated to us, when he was vice president, to pay respects in Abdel Aziz Pasha Fahmy, son of the town.”

Hosni Mubarak Youth Center


A club that bore its name before changing it

For her part, Hala Al-Husseini, a public relations official of the “Mohamed Hosni Mubarak” club previously and Kafr Al-Musaylah Sports Club, said that the construction of the facility was the era of Mubarak’s rule, and his name was changed after the January 25 revolution.

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