In these days, the liars were able to grow up .. Hassan Shakoush sings for Sherine Abdel Wahab “Video”


Popular singer Hassan Shakoush starred in singing the famous artist Sherine Abdel Wahab’s song “Kadabin”, which spread widely across different media platforms, and he appeared inside one of his private sessions with his friends.

Shakoush is scheduled to perform 3 concerts with the participation of his friend, popular singer Amr Kamal, in Lebanon, next month.

Shakosh and Kamal continue their cooperation in launching a new song in light of the crisis of the Music Professions Syndicate, headed by Hani Shaker, with him and his fellow folk singers, and issuing a decision to prevent festivals singers from singing in tourist places and concerts, where Omar Kamal and Hassan Shakush promised the audience to release a song New in a few days.

The artist Hany Shaker, opened fire on festivals singers, by issuing a decision to prevent them from singing permanently and warning all tourist establishments against dealing with them, including Mohamed Ramadan, who recently went to sing and revive concerts..

This comes after the Captain issued a statement saying that within the framework of the social controversy taking place on the Egyptian scene and the existence of a near agreement among all communities of society on the bad situation that is threatening art and public culture due to the so-called songs of festivals, which are a type of music, rhythms of the visitor and inspiring words entrenched Unethical habits and suggestions in many of them, and these festivals produced what is called “instinct listeners”, and the festival’s performer became the legitimate father of this artistic and moral decline, and this state of deterioration has tempted some movie stars to contribute effectively and powerfully to this insecurity..

The captain of the musical professions explained that the membership conditions or permits for the union to sing are not only based on the validity of the voice, but also there are general conditions that must be met by the applicant for membership or permission, which are commitment to the higher values ​​of society and moral custom and the choice of words that do not incite bad habits, and that the committee The test of votes is only a first stage, then the council convenes to consider the remaining conditions.


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