Initial Investigations: Financial disputes behind the killing of a man, his wife and their daughter in Al-Ahram Gardens


Mostafa Bakr:

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Sunday 9 February 2020 – 11:54 AM
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Sunday 9 February 2020 – 11:56 AM

Initial investigations into the incident of killing a family and dumping their bodies in “Munawar” Al-Amara in Hadayek Al-Ahram, Giza, on Sunday morning, showed that the crime occurred due to financial disputes between a family and 3 people, ending with the killing of 3 of the family.

Initial investigations from the eyewitness interviews of the detectives indicated that 3 people were in the victims’ house inside Building 268 in Area D, behind the Hadayek Al-Ahram Club yesterday evening. Investigations also indicated that the crime occurred at dawn.

Some residents of Al-Ahram Gardens found 3 bodies dumped inside the apartment, “Munawar,” noting that the neighbors broke the door of the apartment and entered after a child screaming inside, invoking them, after seeing the bodies of his father, mother and younger sister in Al-Munawar, and the security services were informed of the incident.

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