Iran reports 13 new cases of the emerging coronavirus


On Friday morning, Iran announced 13 new cases of the emerging coronavirus, according to statements carried by Al-Arabiya satellite channel, in an urgent news, just now.

In a related context, the Diwaniyah Governorate Police Service, in southern Iraq, denied on Friday (Friday) the validity of news reports that there was a confirmed case of a new Corona virus in the province. .

Diwaniyah police said – in a statement reported by the (Alsumaria News) news channel that “the statements of a health department employee in the governorate about the presence of a confirmed infection with the Corona virus in Diwaniyah is absolutely unfounded”, noting that “the security forces made great efforts in This matter to ensure the validity of this information and contacted the Department of Health, which denied this topic altogether and in detail“.

This comes at a time when the Iraqi governorate of Karbala announced that it had taken all necessary precautions and precautions to confront and prevent the entry of the new “Corona” virus that appeared late last December in China into the country..

In the same context, the health unit of Al-Rutba sector in Anbar governorate, Iraq, published a part of the activity of the health detachment of the emerging corona virus in the Trebil border center today, Friday,.

According to a statement published by the Iraqi News Agency “conscious”, the detachment intensifies its activity in checking the passports of expatriates and disseminating health awareness in the Passports Department through health messages, according to the directives of the Public Health Department in the Anbar Health Department and the rapid response team in the Al Rutba sector for primary health care.


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