Is Egypt apologized for participating in the Confederations Cup handball?


Alaa El-Sayed, director of the National Teams Committee in the Egyptian Handball Federation, explained the truth of what was reported in the media about Egypt’s apology for not participating in the FIFA Confederations Cup in Qatar.

Tunisian media reports had published reports this morning, Wednesday, during which it stated that the Tunisian Handball Federation informed its international counterpart of participating in the Confederations Cup instead of Egypt.

In a post he wrote on his Facebook account for social networking, El-Sayed said that the Egyptian Federation had not received any official invitation to participate in the tournament.

And the master said in his post:

Important clarification .. There has been a lot of talk in the sites and newspapers about Egypt’s first apology for handball for an international tournament in Doha, Qatar, and organized by the International Federation .. For information ..

– The International Federation does not currently organize any championship for the teams under the name of the continent champions, whether in Doha or any other city (please review the website of the International Federation to confirm).

– The Egyptian Federation did not receive any official invitation to participate in the tournament to be held by the Qatari Federation at the end of December, but only a coordinated phone conversation from the Qatari team manager and he was informed of the team’s association with some friendly matches in Europe in that period outside Egypt.

– Each association is free to call its friendly titles its friendly championships within the framework of publicizing it and attracting attention and choosing the teams participating in it is an inherent right for it according to the plan of preparing its team.

– Technical preferences in the preparation matches are at the core of the work of the Egyptian Federation and its technical committees.

– There was no statement by the Egyptian Handball Federation simply because he was not given an official invitation. ”


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