Israel .. and the counter-revolution in Sudan! – Mohamed Essmat


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Monday 17 February 2020 – 9:20 PM
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Monday 17 February 2020 – 9:20 PM

Less than two weeks after Major General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Uganda, Israeli aircraft began yesterday to use the Sudanese airspace during their flights from Tel Aviv to Latin American countries, in a first-of-its-kind precedent. Observers are a first step on the path to full normalization between the two countries, and that the exchange of diplomatic relations between them will be just a matter of time, and that secret contacts are now taking place in full swing behind the scenes to prepare for Netanyahu’s visit to Khartoum!
Those who bet on the importance of normalization with Israel in Sudan are not just individuals belonging to political and cultural elites that have their weight in the public sphere in the country, there are wide audiences that believe that Sudan does not belong mainly to the Arab world and that its true identity belongs to African civilization and culture, and that the Arab dimension in identity Sudanese is an intruder, and he divided the Sudanese throughout history into masters and slaves, and led to the domination of “northern Arabs” with crude racism over all areas of Sudan, and dealt with all other sons of Sudan, especially southerners, as citizens of the second or third degree, and robbed them of every h Their political and social concerns, and obliterating their history and culture over hundreds of years since the Turkish occupation of Sudan, through the Egyptian-English bilateral rule, until after Sudan gained its independence on January 1, 1956.
What the Sudanese supporters of normalization with Israel repeat is that, as Africans and not Arabs, they have no access to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that the Arabs themselves seek to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, just as the Palestinians also recognized Israel through the Oslo agreements, and some even say that one of the Gulf capitals is Which arranged the proof of the meeting with Netanyahu, and that the normalization of relations with Israel will help them to remove the name of Sudan from the American list of state sponsors of terrorism, which would contribute to alleviating the worsening economic and living crises in the country.
Normalization with Israel in the eyes of these Sudanese is essentially an expression of their victory for their African identity, and their desire to get rid of their forced integration – as they see – with the Arab identity that practiced racist policies in Sudan, but at the same time they ignore that Israel is primarily a racist religious state, practicing the most heinous Practices of oppression, racism and marginalization against the Palestinians who own the original land, and therefore they have a false cause, so how do they reject racism in their country and support it in other countries, and they also fall into a great illusion that Israel’s influence with Western capitals will help them overcome their economic plight, knowing that N Israel itself suffers from a serious budget deficit, and they are waiting impatiently for the normalization of relations with the Arab surroundings to exploit markets in promising economic overcome her ordeal!
Normalization with Israel once again purged all the old Sudanese wounds, which relate to the identity crisis and nation-building, but at the same time an expression of the growing counterrevolutionary forces in Sudan, Major General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan presents himself to America Trump as a new Arab leader who supports the deal of the century, and he is the strong man in Sudan, especially after he announced that the Sudanese army blesses his meeting with Netanyahu, and that he personally told Prime Minister Abdullah al-Hamdouk this meeting two days before he did not object to it, which enhances his chances of unilaterally governing Sudan if the transitional period by which Sudan governs Yadi half of the civilians and the second half of the military dominate the fateful decisions!
Sudan is now at a crossroads, the street is divided on the issue of normalization with Israel, the economic crises are exacerbated, and the hopes that the Sudanese were attaching to their revolution have not been fulfilled, and fears are increasing from the collapse – looming in the horizon – between the components of the revolution from modern forces, and traditional sectarian parties are looking By means of restoring its old political influence, and amid all these nightmares, crises and divisions, the counter-revolutionary forces are gaining new ground to put the whole of Sudan in confrontation with the unknown!

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