Japan uses UAVs to continue maintenance of the Tokyo Metro


A report by the British “Daily Mail” website revealed that maintenance workers inside the Tokyo metro system are assisted by remote-controlled 8.5-inch drones, as the 2.5-lb (1.15 kg) drone was placed in a plastic ball to protect it from any Bumps or hardships while navigating the maze.

Specially designed cameras on the drone allow operators to scan for difficult-to-reach parts of the tunnel network, looking for signs of damage, instead of the traditional methods that require humans to use the torch to see signs of damage, and then have to use vehicles and platforms to access them.

The Tokyo metro station operates 85 percent of the sprawling subway network in the nation’s capital and uses drones to inspect higher areas of tunnels, and drones are small and easy to control and their inspections do not require the installation of time-consuming platforms and scaffolding.

These drones can also approach the walls to look for signs of deterioration, as the drone of the Tokyo Metro was first launched on February 6 on the Hanzomon Line, and a technology news event this week revealed.

There are plans to launch inspections using unmanned aircraft for all nine metro network lines in the future, and a company official said: “We want to use drones to do more for safety.”. “

The drone can fly for up to five continuous minutes at an altitude of 164 feet (50 meters) above from the operator.

During the experiment, an employee tested a drone through a training tunnel and used cameras on board to take pictures of areas near the ceiling and openings, and the video could be broadcast directly onto computers so that engineers could search for signs of vulnerability that required further examination.


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