Karim Hassan Shehatas crisis with Murtada Mansour and strong statements from both sides


Karim Hassan Shehata’s crisis with Mortada Mansour topped all the newspapers in the past few hours, due to the outbreak of war between the two parties, after Mortada Mansour rejected the statements made by Karim Hassan Hehata regarding the Al-Ahly club’s goal in the Pyramids club, and he described the goal as correct, and this was not Any welcome from the club of Zamalek, headed by club president Mortada Mansour.

Karim Hassan Shehata crisis with Murtada Mansour

The crisis between the two parties began when Karim Hassan Shehata decided to host Ahmed El-Shennawy, the former referee, by telephone over the air broadcasted through his program broadcast on the Zamalek channel, during which El-Shennawy confirmed the validity of Al-Ahly’s goal in the Pyramids net in their last meeting with the Premier League matches, and added that the Football Law which Amended in 2016 stipulating that Mahram Suleiman, the Pyramids goalkeeper keep the ball in his hands and did not throw it, would have counted a penalty.

The crisis caught on more and more after Karim Hassan Shehata stated that the Pyramids players lacked experience in dealing with the ball that caused the goal of Al-Ahly’s victory over their team.

Statement by Mortada Mansour

Therefore, the club president, Chancellor Mortada Mansour, came out with a decision to refer Karim to the investigation because of what was done and hosted by Ahmed Al-Shinnawi, the former international referee who defended Al-Ahly’s goal. He explains a message and a letter of thanks to Karim Hassan Shehata and dispensing with his services, and he confirmed that this decision came after a session that was held today.

Karim Hassan Shehata responded to his dismissal

Karim Hassan Shehata came out in response to the news of his dismissal from the Zamalek channel, confirming that he continues to work within the ranks of the channel, because he is a contractor with the United Company, and she informed him of work with what he wanted and has nothing to do with what he wanted from him, and made it clear that he had not received any decision to dispense with him and that he would continue Working on the channel.


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