Karim Kassem: I was terrified of the “frogs” scene in the “Kingdom of Satan” … this is the most common thing that made me laugh


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Posted Date: Friday, 28 February 2020 – 12:25 | Last update: Friday, February 28, 2020 – 12:26

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        The artist Karim Kassem participated in the series "Kingdom of Satan", the first part of which was shown on the platform "Shahid", and presented the different "Hamasa" character about him in the way of talking, form and style.<p>FilFan.com met Karim Kassem and talked with him about the series and its preparation and other and new works for the coming period. These were his most prominent statements:

1- When I was presented with the series “Kingdom of Satan”, I read the scenario a lot and talked to Mohamed Amin Radi to understand well the personality of “Hamasah”, his motives and his way of thinking, and discussed with the director Ahmed Khaled Musa until the character’s shape emerged as it appeared.

2- I was terrified of the “frogs” that were used in one of the scenes and felt shit about them. What appeared on the screen was a true expression, and they deceived me and put a frog on my shoulder without telling me.

3- “Hamasah” is different from the rest of the “Kingdom of Satan” characters, a young dreamer who lives among hyenas.

4- I was not worried about the experience of working with Muhammad Amin Radi and his bold ideas, and I believed that the censorship would not pass anything, which is what happened, for example, Souad Hosni’s songs that were used were not the ones from the beginning in the series.

5- I got excited about showing the series on “Shahid” platform, and I never imagined it would be watched, and I got many reactions like it did.

6- I hope to play roles such as “Hamsa” because it is different from my personality and the role that I am put in a lot.


7- I hope to play a role in a historical series.

8- I present the character “Wael” in the series “When We Was Young,” and he is one of a group of young American university graduates working together in an advertising and advertising company with Mahmoud Hamida, and they are Reham Hajjaj, Nabil Assia, Nisreen Amin and Mahmoud Hijazi, and how their relationship began together so there are flash scenes Pak.

9- When I went to shoot scenes at the American University, I remembered my studies period, but the character that I present in the series is completely different from my character at the time of study, he is a hardworking young man, but I was a failure.

10 – Work continues on the scenario of the film “Waleed Rizk 3”, and will not start filming until the end of this year.

11- The second part of “spare time” was interrupted for a period due to regulatory approval, as we only obtained it a short time ago.

12- The director of “The Leisure Time 2” has been changed, so we are now looking for a new director, and his filming will begin next summer.

13- The most important thing when choosing a job is to have a personality challenge and to love the work that I participate in, more than the idea of ​​the size of the role or that the movie is independent or commercial.

14- I am producing a short film entitled “The Hole” written and directed by Amr Abed and starring Sidqi Saqr and a new face, now in the editing phase and we are striving to show it in festivals.

15- The most common thing that made me laugh when it was said that I engaged to a girl, I do not know who she is but the audience of girls attacked me via social media, to the point where I think when I actually get married, not to announce the matter because of his reaction to the fans.

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