Klopp defends Mohamed Salah: He is not selfish at all .. You can see what he did against Southampton


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp defended the star Mohamed Salah after accusing him of being selfish in English club matches.

Some saw that Mohamed Salah plays individually at times and prefers to shoot the ball against the opponents’ goal rather than passing it to his teammates.

A crisis between Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane had occurred earlier in the season, due to the Egyptian failure to pass the ball to Senegalese during the Burnley showdown.

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Klopp said in remarks published by the network, “Liverpool Eco” global: “People were talking about Mo Salah, Mo was never selfish, or too selfish.”

He added: “He is a striker who plays on the right side, we have seen goals scored by Mo Salah while he is between four defenders and finds his way to house the ball inside the net. When you do not score, people say that you had to pass the ball towards that side or this.”

He continued: “Life is not that easy, during Saturday’s match against Southampton, Mohamed Salah was not selfish at all, he was recovering the ball and passing to his teammates and creating opportunities and scored as well.”

See a summary of Mohamed Salah’s touches in front of Southampton

He continued: “It was a really difficult match, I was not angry between the two halves of the match, they have a great squad, and if we face some problems in front of them, the other teams will face a lot of problems because what they are doing now is very special.”


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