Kuwait records 11 cases of coronavirus, including two infections from Iran


The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health stated that after it was confirmed that two new cases had been infected with the Corona virus, bringing the total cases in Kuwait to 11, according to the latest report of the Ministry of Health.

“Kona” newspaper, one of the famous Kuwaiti newspapers, stated that the two cases infected with Corona virus, it is suspected that they were infected with the virus during travel and return from Iran, and Kuwaiti health indicated that the situation is stable for all cases infected with the virus, as they were isolated in a hospital designated to receive and treat cases Infected with the “Covida 19” virus, they are treated and provided with health care.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health appealed to its citizens to exercise caution and to follow all health and medical instructions in order to prevent infection with the virus, and to prevent exposure to infection, which threatens the public health of all Kuwaiti citizens and supports opportunities for the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Kuwaiti Aviation prohibits travel and return flights with countries that have been infected with Corona virus

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Aviation had taken some precautionary precautions by preventing travel or return trips to some countries that have cases of coronavirus infection, including Thailand, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Iraq, due to fear of transmission.

It is worth noting that, according to WHO reports, 78,866 cases of corona were monitored worldwide, and 2592 deaths from the virus were not saved, and 25,128 were recovered, which indicates that the Corona epidemic is still recording new cases and attributing countries which require compliance with all instructions And preventive instructions to avoid infection with the virus from people who have the disease and have not announced their infection.


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