Kuwaiti actress Jawaher has brain cancer


Imane Mandour In the news, celebrity life

Publication date: Monday, February 10, 2020 – 15:45

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        Kuwaiti artist Jawaher announced that she is suffering from brain cancer, explaining that it is in its final stages.<p>Jawaher wrote on her Twitter account: "How many months ago did I get a long swoon, and I went to the hospital to have the necessary exams showing my brain cancer is in its final stages."

She added, “But please, I hope every person who gets his eyes on the tweet invites me .. It is said that the invitation of 30 strangers is answered.”

For her part, the Emirati actress Ahlam re-posted the tweet, and a writer commented: “I ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne, to lift you from you and heal you for a healing that does not leave a section … My sister is more than asking for forgiveness and reading Yes … pray to her, may God reward you with good in the balance of your good deeds.”

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